TASK FORCE (Teaching Awareness and Safety to Kids)

Task Force
The T.A.S.K. Force is a group of VV4W club volunteers that go to schools and perform at assemblies for young school children. Most of the time these assemblies are a reward for the students who are doing well. We started the program in November of 2007. Some of the schools we have visited are Hesperia Christian, Cottonwood, Maple, Sandia, and Challenger to name a few. The show consists of off-road vehicles driving up the articulation ramp doing wheel stacks, and just plain having fun. We also are there to show off the different types of off-road vehicles. Afterwards, the kids are able to look at the vehicles up close and ask questions.

We are not limited to elementary schools. There is no charge, as this is all volunteer. If you are a teacher, principal, or know of a function who wishes to have us visit, contact us.

For more information and discussion, visit our forum board on the matter.


Currently, we have adopted a four mile trail, 2N17X, near Silverwood Lake. We work alongside the USFS and promote responsible use of public lands. If you’d like to know how to help us, contact us or visit the forums.