About Us

We are “Real World” 4 Wheelers based in the High Desert of Southern California.

Our club was organized and incorporated in 1967 as a non-profit organization of social and recreational four wheel drive activities involving families, couples, and singles.

Our club built the famous rock crawling “Hammers” trails in Johnson Valley, CA.

This is where we hold our annual “Fun in the Desert” fundraising event.

The Victor Valley 4 Wheelers Club is family oriented and is unbiased toward vehicle manufacturer.

While most of the members enjoy playing in the big rocks, others are happier exploring scenic mining or historic areas.

Our mission is to support the local community and donate many hours to the Adopt-a-Trail program and miscellaneous trail maintenance projects. Currently, we have adopted a four mile trail, 2N17X, near Silverwood Lake. We work alongside the USFS and promote responsible use of public lands…all while having fun together doing what we all like to do: 4 wheeling!